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{D} is for Dunes

August 18, 2012

I missed blogging B and C – but D is easy because we just spent a few days in the Great Sand Dunes Park.


I must admit sand isn’t my thing, and sand without a beach – I definitely don’t see why anyone would love it..its hot on your feet, gettings in to every nook and cranny of your body and it just gets into everything – I am still dumping sand out from shoes/pockets/bags.

– but it is beautiful {from far away}. Yana and Justin (and stinky ol’ Olivia) had a blast doing log rolls and jumping down the dunes. Jude and I stood back and watched. I did enjoy the camping aspect, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had a big fire, made s’mores – it was a great time.


let me just say camping with an infant, a 3 yr old and a dog is H.A.R.D. – it is way more work than relaxation but  so worth it – we need to do this now so they don’t think anything of it when they are older. Yana is one tough 3 yr old. She can hike for hours, has no problem getting filthy and sleeps like a hibernating bear in the tent. But it doesn’t come with lots of

“I am hot”

“are WE there yet??” every..stinkin 5 minutes

“I am huuuungry” “I am thiiiirsty” “I am tiiiired”

Me: Yana you have to potty?

Yana: No

Get in the car, get on the interstate

Yana: – I have to poooooooop

and Judah – although a pretty chill 3 month old, does have his moments when he just screams for a half an hour in agony…changing diapers, nursing in the tent in the middle of the night – all just elevates in difficulty when outside the comforts of home.


By the time the kids are in bed – Justin and I are exhausted!

sometimes I think – why do we go through all this trouble…

but these moments…these memories are worth all the work.


one day I will miss my kids so little


There was another family camping with older children – they dressed themselves..they wiped their own butts…mom and dad were sitting, enjoying glasses in their hands, while the kids played. I told the mom I couldn’t wait till camping was relaxing again – she told me to treasure these moments as they go by way too quickly.

and I know this 🙂 – just good to vent sometimes.

{D} is also for dirty faces 🙂 having fun


I am truly deeply in love with Colorado – so easy to get away and the air SO FRESH


Olivia loves camping – she is our bear protection


some more pics




She loved her giant, never ending sand box 🙂

Overall – we had a fun trip. And the dunes are gorgeous




August 7, 2012

I am thankful for all my new friends I have made in Colorado – and the fact that they take time out of their busy days to let me take pictures of them.

I take all the practice I can get – I have no money for photography classes  and am very thankful for the library, youtube and anyone willing to stand infront of my lens

This family makes me smile  – they are just genuine, fun loving, laid back folk with the most drooliest 1 yr old!!

Meet one of Yana’s BFFs here in the Springs 🙂

I love photographing kids the most  – it is  WAY more fun to just be goofy and talk about farts instead of posing adults

they have the most genuine expressions

Now THESE two – I felt  like I was shooting an engagement session..they are so in LOVE

One thing for sure, I am learning so much now that I am getting out and shooting people other than my family members.

I am making many mistakes but I enjoy every minute of it.


Jude’s first camping trip

July 30, 2012

We escaped the heat and drove to the mountains for a one night camping trip. I forgot my camera so iphone pics it is.

We had some friends join us – but unfortunately I didn’t take that many pictures .

Jude did great! Look at that smile – he is a mountain boy already!

Yana did great! She LOVES the woods



I am so lucky to have some happy campers for children because they are just so easy going – it rained most of Saturday but no one complained

Justin did most of the work as usual 🙂

We are now in the market for a new tent. Justin and I bought this tent when we started dating – it was so nice. But now we sleep like sardines with all 4 of us in there. Not the most comfortable of nights for this mom!

{A} is for ART

July 28, 2012

This week we started a Photo – 52 Alphabet series on Facebook.

We post a photo a week with a letter of the alphabet as the theme. I posted one photo but too several others I figured i’d share on here 🙂 You have to click on it to enlarge for some reason!

hmmm…what to do for B?

My kids today

July 23, 2012

Yana had fun at Forest School this morning.

today we made Forest Crown – we taped the bottom part of the crown to the top and stuck things we found on our hike in the middle section.


and little Jude has been busy strengthening that neck of his :). He is 12.5lb now!





Hope you all have a great week!

4 dudes and a little girly

July 20, 2012

I have recently started doing photoshoots for friends, and friends of friends. I am doing this for practice and  to build my portfolio.

All I can say is –  thank goodness I remembered to bring candy and puppets – at least I got some smiles 🙂

Before I show you photos, I must say this was one cool fam – they are gearing to move to Tennessee to live in an off the grid home they build themselves – even the solar panels. The home is 100% self sufficient using rain and well water, straw barrel insulation and wooden stoves for heat, and solar panels for electricity. The house sits on 6 acres – which will be home for goats, chickens and such. If you are interested – click HERE to read their blog.

This little girl has 4 older brothers. Her mom really goes out to make sure she is dressed extra girly cause after all it took 5 pregnancies to get one! She was my most photogenic.

and this dude here is the middle child – you could definitely tell he loved the camera and soaked up the attention I gave him.

His 3 brothers were not as interested in the camera as he was – but I got them to open up

– I told them “okay boys just pretend to like each other just for a few minutes”


I was really nervous going into this because this was my first time doing an actual photoshoot with people I have never met  (I found them through a mom’s group I am in). I was happy I was able to get a decent shot of each child and a few group photos. This was a great learning experience.

Kinda look like Justin’s family huh?


July 17, 2012

I showed Yana this picture.


The conversation went something like this

Me – Yana who is this?

Yana – That’s me.

Me – Nope

Yana – Yep that’s me

Me – Nope, that’s me

Yana – No, that’s me

Me – Nope, that’s when Momma was your age

Yana – OH! We look the same.

….5 min later….

Me – Yana, who is in the picture

Yana – that’s me at the beach!

: p

Do we look alike?