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Amazing what a man can do.

October 3, 2011

This weekend we joined our friends for a small road trip to Bishop Castle. You can read more about this amazing story by clicking on the link.

To sum it up – Jim Bishop began this project when he inherited the land from his parents. In 1969 the building began – Jim now is 59 years “young” and still at it. This ENTIRE castle was build by HIS HANDS ONLY. Only recently he has allowed volunteers to help him with the wall that is going to surround the property. This castle is considered private property and Jim does not charge for anyone to visit.

Although Jim does have a full time job in the nearest town doing masonry work he is seen every weekend going at his castle.

We had a blast – you can climb all the way up the two towers – and Yana had no problem. I, on the other hand, am getting old and got dizzy half way up the tallest tower (the pointy one in the pic) and had to go down. In my defense – does this look safe to you? NO – cause its not…I was scared for my life a little bit.

Although it is really important to Jim that he gets the credit for all the work – he says he couldnt’ have done it without God

There is a beautiful Cathedral in the castle.

Going Up Up Up

she never got scared – no matter how high we got

{on a side note, in my defense, Justin dressed Yana that morning and for some reason he has a tendency to go ALL the way to the back of the closet where I put the clothes she grew out of. Why wouldn’t he just grab the clothes on the hangers? I still have no clue}

it’s a maze for sure – I kept getting lost.

So this is the tower I didn’t climb to the top of. But HOW FUNNY is the guy in the pic who did!! You go boy!!

So now that I have my new camera + Justin has no clue how to use it = NO pics of me

This two are so cute when they play together. They had such a great time exploring.

What a work of art 🙂
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