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31 weeks..

April 2, 2012

was just talking to a friend about this..

I feel, this being my second pregnancy, I am so much more relaxed about things. not worried as much about prepping for the baby – making sure if I have anything.

babies need so little really, and it being summer – I don’t feel like I need much stuff.

I am preparing physically more than I did before…

with Yoga and lots of walking

I WAS going to take labor classes, but they are sooo expensive – so we got a book

Source: via Milana on Pinterest

Justin, although not super excited like the pictures of the men in the book, is learning how to coach me through birth. I am learning about exercises and positions.

This time around I’ve been getting the Braxton Hicks contractions – which I never got with my last pregnancy. I actually welcome them as they help get my mind on labor and start learning relaxing methods to help through the pain.

I am getting BIG 🙂 and pretty uncomfortable these days. Hoping for the baby to come a little early!!

31 weeks

so excited to hold a little baby in my arms again

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  1. Vicki Schaffer permalink
    April 4, 2012 8:18 pm

    You are looking lovely Milana, well I would say beautiful actually. We just drove through Denver on Sunday and thought of all of you on our way through. And as Ron went and got our mail today I found a surprise today too. Found out there is a wedding in the family again, now wondering if you will be able to come back for that one? Will the baby be old enough for the trip by then.
    Gentle hugs to you all missing you and so sorry I missed you at Easter. Can’t wait to meet that new little one.
    Give Seyana a hug from us.

    • April 7, 2012 9:57 pm

      Yes ma’am we – including the new baby – will be there for Trent and Mel’s wedding 🙂 super excited to see everyone. Not excited about the drive with 2 kids! :/

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