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Birth Story

May 6, 2012

First – about the boy

I’d like to introduce you all to my tiny Jude dude.
5lb 12oz and 19” long – he came 5 weeks early

He is just a tiny fella and precious in everyway
He is small – but strong and the best nurser. This boy and my boob are like two magnets. Yana refused to latch on – but Jude is a natural. I enjoy feeding him.
He is gaining weight quickly and is eating every 2hrs on average.
And besides eating – he spends most of his time sleeping on me

The eviction letter came a little early – but I keep him skin to skin most of the day to make up for it.
He is pure cuddly joy.
I am honestly not used to such a small baby – Yana was 7lb 12oz and sometimes looking at him makes me tear up. He sleeps about 22/23 hrs a day and is not as alert as Yana was. It is an adjustment for me to care for such a little body.
They tell me preterm and low weight babies are normal for Colorado due to the altitude. – I am so grateful that Jude is doing so well.

Second – about the girl

When Jude was born Yana said “baby brother is done cooking!” and
“he is sooo cute” is said on a daily basis now a days.
She loves to help anyway she can – she doesn’t seem to be jealous that Jude is here
That being said – she has been testing us. Acting up when Justin and I are talking to each other or other adults. She also has been very emotional lately – needing more hugs and cuddles than before ☺ which I love and encourage.
It’s just new for her and there is some adjusting to be done.

Now about my labor

2 am on Friday night I woke up to contractions. They were about 5 min apart and lasted about 30 sec – 1 min. They weren’t extremely painful but painful enough that I had to concentrate on my breathing to get through them – I felt them in my butt so I knew these were not Braxton Hicks .
At 4 am I left Justin with Yana and drove myself to the hospital – hoping I could get a shot to stop the contractions and go home.
The nurse told me that I probably have Braxton Hicks and to drink some water. However once she examined me – I was 5 cm dilated and baby’s head was low.
She told me I was going to have my baby today and I was admitted to the hospital.

My midwife is on vacation and her fill in was at another early birth.
At 8 am – I got hooked up to fetal monitoring. – because baby was so early and I am a C-section mom – there was very little I could do to get off the monitoring.
I couldn’t birth in a tub or move far from my bed.
I received an IV
And my contractions went to being 2 min apart to a minute.
They checked me – still at 5 cm.

This was becoming very similar to Yana’s labor. I felt the baby was posterior and started panicking about him getting stuck like Yana did.
I, by the way was a pro through all my contractions – focusing on breathing and trying to relax my body – but with 2 nurses, 2 doctors and a hospital midwife coming in and out – it was incredibly difficult to concentrate on relaxation. Being only at 35 weeks – I was seriously scared.
Not having my midwife – who constantly reassured me she had techniques of turning the baby around and not being able to walk gave me little hope that I would have a successful vaginal birth. And if you ever experienced back labor – you know the pain is incredibly intense. I researched that a planned C-section was way safer than an emergency one and that recovery time was faster. My gut feeling was telling me that this was the best way to go for the situation I was in. So I signed my life away for a C-section.
I will admit, I freaked out a little – but this surgery was way different than last time.
Last time I was put to sleep and this time received a spinal tap. This made me awake during “birth” and I was able to here Jude’s healthy lungs – screaming like a champ!

The recovery time was also faster with the spinal tap and, because I never pushed, I wasn’t as tired and was able to have baby in my hands within 4 hrs.
Those 4hrs poor little guy had to have tests done which he passed with flying colors.
– they checked his oxygen, his ability to hold temperature, his bilirubin levels and blood sugar – all looked great.
He was brought to my room, where we stayed together for 48hrs.
Compared to the hospital where I had Yana, this one was way better – nicer facility, better rooms and great food ☺ it was a short stay and I am glad to be home ☺

So – once again not how I expected it to go but so incredibly thankful that Jude is healthy and was just ready come out and give his legs a stretch.

I am truly blessed with my girl and boy ☺ .

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  1. Monica permalink
    May 6, 2012 4:52 am

    Thanks for sharing your story

  2. dave and permalink
    May 6, 2012 6:38 pm

    He is beautiful and we are grateful he is fine. You have 2 beautiful children, thanks for sharing them with us. Dave and Terri Taylor

  3. Rimma permalink
    May 7, 2012 1:24 am

    Congratulations to all of you. Stay healthy and happy. Love

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