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“Mom! I want to go to school!”

June 9, 2012

Since I became a stay at home mom I knew that I wanted to  homeschool Yana through the preschool years. Recently, however, she started begging me to go to school. I realized that “traditional” homeschooling was not for us – she is just too extraverted and would prefer to learn with other kids than from mom.

I have been blessed to be involved with 2 preschool coops where moms take turns teaching. This way I can still be involved in her schooling while she gets the social interaction she CONSTANTLY needs.

“Little Sprouts Preschool” is more of a traditional preschool – it is home based and involves the traditional methods you would see in a typical preschool..story time, crafts, free play. Us moms take turns teaching and watching each others kids so I am abe to have some off time to spend with Jude.


Little Sprouts is once a week and one day after picking Yana up she said to me  “Mom, I want to go to school everyday!” So I found another opportunity for us. Forest School is another preschool coop that focuses on nature and the outdoors. School is “in session” rain or shine and is always outside to expose kids to all types of weather. Forest school focuses on imaginative play using raw materials found outside instead of plastic toys. Kids play in the creek, climb rocks and trees and learn about weather and the environment. Instead of reading a book, story time involves story telling using props (puppets and such) instead of pages. Image

Crafts are made of items found on our adventures – find a Y stick..wrap a string and catch some fun items while you walk.



These opportunities have been a blessing for Yana and I because they allow her to learn with other children while allowing me to participate in her learning. It also allows me to have some free time and not constantly stress about planning activities, crafts and lessons everyday. We have also made some great friends 🙂

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  1. Evie permalink
    June 10, 2012 3:57 pm

    Wow that Forest School is awesome! I am always saddened when I think about how kids these days don’t see the fun in playing outside! I know Yana def has fun outside anyways but this is still cool.

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