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Little dude @ 6 weeks!

June 13, 2012

Mr. Jude dude is now 9.7 lbs and almost 22 inches long :)! Can you believe it? He gained almost 4lbs in less than 7 weeks and grew 3 inches. I can! He is  eating every 2-3 hours (mostly 2) and spends about 21 hrs or so sleeping each day. Nursing is still going great! It is so convenient and I enjoy being able to leave the house not worrying if I forgot milk or bottles. Not having to wash them is also a plus.

He sure loves to cuddle – but his favorite is getting his tiny feet rubbed.

He is so alert these days – and is able to follow movement with his eyes. Those eyes are just getting bluer each day!!

He has also started to enjoy baths 🙂 For the most part he is a pretty laid back little dude..until I decide to eat strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes or anything spicy and then the poor guy gets the worst gas and we both get no sleep. He is way more gassier than Yana was – a true man indeed 🙂

I was finally able to shoot some pics with his eyes open

Look at those cheeks!! And he is also smiling now!


No doubt, his eyes are going to be blue. A little blond hair, blue eyed boy!


Although “awake” moments are still short! Here he is going right back to sleepy land.


I must say, although I wanted another girl, I am having a blast with this little fella. More pics in this cute little hat to come!

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