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June 30, 2012

Remember THIS POST l ast year?  For the past 3 weeks or so, Yana has been hanging out in Illinois visiting both mine and Justin’s parents. She spent 2 weeks with my folks and now is on the farm with Justin’s.

People ask us if we miss her – after all a month is a LONG time for a 3yr old to be away. The answer is YES and…I am not ashamed to admit it.. NO!

Yes of course we miss her – but the fact is, we moved her away from our parents that love her very much and she loves them. She only sees them a few times a year – so this her being gone in the summer – will be a tradition and something we all will have to get used to. She is having a blast and hardly wants to talk to us on the phone or skype.

Justin and I never get babysitters and are always with our kids so having Yana gone is a good break for us. Especially since Jude is still so needy, eating every 2 hours!! I’ve enjoyed some ME time – sewing, crafting, doing some photography and, of course, cleaning :/

She has one more week – but here are some pics in the meantime!

At Justin’s parent’s house – there is plenty of fun on the farm.

Canoeing and fishing with grandpa on the pond, 4 wheeling with her uncles. playing with GG (great-grandma) and getting dressed up by grandma!

My folks took Yana to the Children’s museum, to the beach, to the zoo and stuffed her gut with ice cream.

Yana also got to spend some quality time with her cousins!

She is having fun and getting 100% of the attention! I am just worried about getting a spoiled 3 yr old back in a week!

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