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about the same size?

July 11, 2012

Here is a pic of Yana and Jude – Yana when she was Jude’s age. They look about the same size to me.



Jude is putting on the weight quick! 🙂 STILL eating every 2 hrs ..which is exhausting but rewarding at the same time to see him gettin’ fat!

I must say, he is SO GASSY and it makes him miserable. It seems to be early in the morning (3 am) and afternoon. :/ He grunts and strains for HOURS. I push and push his legs into his belly to get the gas out – it’s like playing a music instrument.

Other than the gas, he is smiling and grandma and I are convinced he is trying to talk. If it wasn’t for the mean ol’ gas, he would be one chill little dude.

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