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July 15, 2012

Is it just me – or is this summer flying by? Oh man! Mid July already, Jude is almost 3 months old! Yana came back from fun on the farm.

… and things are back to normal around here!

I’ve been putting blogging all the way down the priority list so here are some pics to catch you up on life here.  Justin has been super busy working 🙂 and between the kids and the house, I have been working and doing some photography on the side (hopefully will blog about this later). But mostly just enjoying motherhood – Yana is at such a fun age.  She is starting to look like a little kid and not a toddler anymore (tear)

she is glad to be back in her room with her stuff – she said she was “sick and tired of Illinois.”

Justin started to teach her piano and she picks it up so easy. She is learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Jude is just a cuddle bug and just smiles all day! He is gettin’ fatter by the minute! The gas seems to be soo much better – it really depends on what I eat so I have to watch it carefully. I’ll have to weight him soon but he is a tank.

Justin and I celebrated Fathers day, our 1st year Anniversary! (Look! He bought me flowers). I took a picture cause he said that is the first and last time he will be buying me flowers – they are just TOO expensive.

and we celebrated 4th of July without Yana 😦 … here is Jude in his red, white and blue

– we kept it very low key with take out food and having some friends over. With the fires, there definitely was no fireworks in the state of Colorado – although thank God for all the rain recently! 

Justin’s family came to visit us – we went to the Flying W chuck wagon (2 weeks before it burned to the ground!), we spent a weekend in a cabin in Evergreen and just enjoyed the cool weather and rain. Justin and his dad went to a rodeo that was in town and we all went to the parade that day.

Thats about it fo us. What have ya’all been up to?

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