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4 dudes and a little girly

July 20, 2012

I have recently started doing photoshoots for friends, and friends of friends. I am doing this for practice and  to build my portfolio.

All I can say is –  thank goodness I remembered to bring candy and puppets – at least I got some smiles 🙂

Before I show you photos, I must say this was one cool fam – they are gearing to move to Tennessee to live in an off the grid home they build themselves – even the solar panels. The home is 100% self sufficient using rain and well water, straw barrel insulation and wooden stoves for heat, and solar panels for electricity. The house sits on 6 acres – which will be home for goats, chickens and such. If you are interested – click HERE to read their blog.

This little girl has 4 older brothers. Her mom really goes out to make sure she is dressed extra girly cause after all it took 5 pregnancies to get one! She was my most photogenic.

and this dude here is the middle child – you could definitely tell he loved the camera and soaked up the attention I gave him.

His 3 brothers were not as interested in the camera as he was – but I got them to open up

– I told them “okay boys just pretend to like each other just for a few minutes”


I was really nervous going into this because this was my first time doing an actual photoshoot with people I have never met  (I found them through a mom’s group I am in). I was happy I was able to get a decent shot of each child and a few group photos. This was a great learning experience.

Kinda look like Justin’s family huh?

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