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{D} is for Dunes

August 18, 2012

I missed blogging B and C – but D is easy because we just spent a few days in the Great Sand Dunes Park.


I must admit sand isn’t my thing, and sand without a beach – I definitely don’t see why anyone would love it..its hot on your feet, gettings in to every nook and cranny of your body and it just gets into everything – I am still dumping sand out from shoes/pockets/bags.

– but it is beautiful {from far away}. Yana and Justin (and stinky ol’ Olivia) had a blast doing log rolls and jumping down the dunes. Jude and I stood back and watched. I did enjoy the camping aspect, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had a big fire, made s’mores – it was a great time.


let me just say camping with an infant, a 3 yr old and a dog is H.A.R.D. – it is way more work than relaxation but  so worth it – we need to do this now so they don’t think anything of it when they are older. Yana is one tough 3 yr old. She can hike for hours, has no problem getting filthy and sleeps like a hibernating bear in the tent. But it doesn’t come with lots of

“I am hot”

“are WE there yet??” every..stinkin 5 minutes

“I am huuuungry” “I am thiiiirsty” “I am tiiiired”

Me: Yana you have to potty?

Yana: No

Get in the car, get on the interstate

Yana: – I have to poooooooop

and Judah – although a pretty chill 3 month old, does have his moments when he just screams for a half an hour in agony…changing diapers, nursing in the tent in the middle of the night – all just elevates in difficulty when outside the comforts of home.


By the time the kids are in bed – Justin and I are exhausted!

sometimes I think – why do we go through all this trouble…

but these moments…these memories are worth all the work.


one day I will miss my kids so little


There was another family camping with older children – they dressed themselves..they wiped their own butts…mom and dad were sitting, enjoying glasses in their hands, while the kids played. I told the mom I couldn’t wait till camping was relaxing again – she told me to treasure these moments as they go by way too quickly.

and I know this 🙂 – just good to vent sometimes.

{D} is also for dirty faces 🙂 having fun


I am truly deeply in love with Colorado – so easy to get away and the air SO FRESH


Olivia loves camping – she is our bear protection


some more pics




She loved her giant, never ending sand box 🙂

Overall – we had a fun trip. And the dunes are gorgeous


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