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Catch up

July 15, 2012

Is it just me – or is this summer flying by? Oh man! Mid July already, Jude is almost 3 months old! Yana came back from fun on the farm.

… and things are back to normal around here!

I’ve been putting blogging all the way down the priority list so here are some pics to catch you up on life here.  Justin has been super busy working 🙂 and between the kids and the house, I have been working and doing some photography on the side (hopefully will blog about this later). But mostly just enjoying motherhood – Yana is at such a fun age.  She is starting to look like a little kid and not a toddler anymore (tear)

she is glad to be back in her room with her stuff – she said she was “sick and tired of Illinois.”

Justin started to teach her piano and she picks it up so easy. She is learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Jude is just a cuddle bug and just smiles all day! He is gettin’ fatter by the minute! The gas seems to be soo much better – it really depends on what I eat so I have to watch it carefully. I’ll have to weight him soon but he is a tank.

Justin and I celebrated Fathers day, our 1st year Anniversary! (Look! He bought me flowers). I took a picture cause he said that is the first and last time he will be buying me flowers – they are just TOO expensive.

and we celebrated 4th of July without Yana 😦 … here is Jude in his red, white and blue

– we kept it very low key with take out food and having some friends over. With the fires, there definitely was no fireworks in the state of Colorado – although thank God for all the rain recently! 

Justin’s family came to visit us – we went to the Flying W chuck wagon (2 weeks before it burned to the ground!), we spent a weekend in a cabin in Evergreen and just enjoyed the cool weather and rain. Justin and his dad went to a rodeo that was in town and we all went to the parade that day.

Thats about it fo us. What have ya’all been up to?


about the same size?

July 11, 2012

Here is a pic of Yana and Jude – Yana when she was Jude’s age. They look about the same size to me.



Jude is putting on the weight quick! 🙂 STILL eating every 2 hrs ..which is exhausting but rewarding at the same time to see him gettin’ fat!

I must say, he is SO GASSY and it makes him miserable. It seems to be early in the morning (3 am) and afternoon. :/ He grunts and strains for HOURS. I push and push his legs into his belly to get the gas out – it’s like playing a music instrument.

Other than the gas, he is smiling and grandma and I are convinced he is trying to talk. If it wasn’t for the mean ol’ gas, he would be one chill little dude.


June 30, 2012

Remember THIS POST l ast year?  For the past 3 weeks or so, Yana has been hanging out in Illinois visiting both mine and Justin’s parents. She spent 2 weeks with my folks and now is on the farm with Justin’s.

People ask us if we miss her – after all a month is a LONG time for a 3yr old to be away. The answer is YES and…I am not ashamed to admit it.. NO!

Yes of course we miss her – but the fact is, we moved her away from our parents that love her very much and she loves them. She only sees them a few times a year – so this her being gone in the summer – will be a tradition and something we all will have to get used to. She is having a blast and hardly wants to talk to us on the phone or skype.

Justin and I never get babysitters and are always with our kids so having Yana gone is a good break for us. Especially since Jude is still so needy, eating every 2 hours!! I’ve enjoyed some ME time – sewing, crafting, doing some photography and, of course, cleaning :/

She has one more week – but here are some pics in the meantime!

At Justin’s parent’s house – there is plenty of fun on the farm.

Canoeing and fishing with grandpa on the pond, 4 wheeling with her uncles. playing with GG (great-grandma) and getting dressed up by grandma!

My folks took Yana to the Children’s museum, to the beach, to the zoo and stuffed her gut with ice cream.

Yana also got to spend some quality time with her cousins!

She is having fun and getting 100% of the attention! I am just worried about getting a spoiled 3 yr old back in a week!


June 30, 2012

When I became a stay at home mom, I knew that someway I had to make money. So far I have found a work from home job. But, mostly, I have made money in the form of saving money. I somehow feel that, because I get to stay at home – and have the extra time  – I should do everything possible to save a buck – which all adds up. So when Jude came into the world I started to consider cloth diapering as a way to save money on diapers. It has take almost 2 months to make my final decision.

At first, I didn’t want to invest the money only to find out this wasn’t my thing. Wasting money is not part of the stay at home mom deal and I was happy when my friend kindly allowed me to borrow her newborn stash. I was also concerned that our ancient laundry machine wouldn’t clean the diapers well which could lead to a nasty rash on my Jude dude’s butt. ..2 days later, laundry machine broke and in came my landlord with a new one.  🙂

I felt as though the higher powers were pushing me to try this deal. Justin on the other hand is not down to change cloth – so diapering (and feeding obviously) would be all on me… which it is mostly on me anyways. Eventually it will grow on him – right?

So I have been at it for about 4 weeks  now… clothing mostly just at home for now. They tell you  to throw the dirty diaper in a pale till laundry time, but I quickly discovered this was not something I could do.  Wet poop cloth siting in a pale for a day just sounds gross to me. I rinse the diaper and let it dry before throwing it into the wash. This worked for me – it took 1.5 longer, but so far it hasn’t been a big deal. I was concerned that my already too high of a water bill would go up but  since I am soaking the diapers before hand, I am able to just throw them with the towels, sheets and cloth napkins that I wash all the time anyway.  Then I just hang them up to dry in the sun which helps disinfect and fight stubborn stains.

I like saving money and knowing that my baby is sitting in cotton all day. Cloth diapering wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I will admit, it is time consuming and it is work – but I see at as part of my stay at home mom duties. I am also hoping it will help with potty training since cloth diapers aren’t near as absorbent as disposables.

Once I made my decision I entered into the scary world of which diapers to buy.  I thought the name brands where too expensive but also didn’t want to buy the cheap, China ones. I was thinking to buy used but, can’t seem to find what I want (one size, snaps, no stains). After sometime I stumbled upon smartipants diapers – which had good reviews, were reasonably priced and made in the USA  – they are $12 each and cost as much as the used brand name diapers on Craigslist. They are “pocket diapers” that include an absorbent insert that comes out in the wash. Just placed my order for 12 diapers and I plan to add to my stash as I go along. When Jude is potty trained I should be able to sell these and make some of my money back.

On road trips, vacations and nighttime – I think we will still stick with disposables.  But really – it’s no big deal folks  – baby poop is not that gross and there is just nothing cuter than a fluff butt baby.


Since Jude was born I have also been using cloth wipes. I made my own butt spray:

1/2 distilled water (I just boil mine)

1 drop of tea trea oil

1 drop of lavender oil

2 drops of coconut oil

2/3 drops of some sort of natural soap (I use California Baby)

Works like a charm and no diaper rash yet!




better late than never

June 28, 2012

Finally got around to taking Judah’s “newborn” photos. In my mind, he was too small to take them any earlier.

He is now 2 months old and almost 10lb!! My midwife says I have some fatty milk :). I think its due to him eating every 2 hours still!

He is so alert these days and is able to follow his rattle with his eyes. He loves the swing and music. His favorite is getting his feet rubbed – he gets the cutest little calm look on him – his eyes almost roll to the back of his head he loves it so much!  He is fully up and awake about 4 hours a day now. With all that sleeping, and Yana being with her grandparents – I have had time to take pics 🙂

Here is the announcement:


and a little collage


There is more on my facebook page 🙂 and more to come

For all who want to know

June 28, 2012

All our family and friends not in the Springs – we are okay and are farther south east of the fire. Of course, with unpredictable winds and this heat, anything can happen but right now we are safe. Although I barely smell the fire, others close to me definitely notice it and even have ash falling into their yards from the sky. 

The fire has destroyed many of Justin and I’s favorite hiking and camping spots as well as many homes.  We have had a friend stay with us a few days as thousands have been evacuated. 

It is truly unbelievable to see as you drive down the highway the smoke and orange haze that has covered our city. Please keep us and the rest of Colorado in your prayers. And do a rain dance while you are at it!

I haven’t taken any pics of the fire as there are plenty online – but it is definitely an unforgettable site.

I’ll keep you all posted on our status if anything changes! 


his face says it all

June 20, 2012